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Commitment to Innovation
Leadership in the door and window industry requires an ongoing commitment to innovation – a hallmark of every division in the DS Group®. As part of the DS Group, DraftSeal® manufactures a complete line of door weather stripping and sill products for residential and commercial applications.

With a team dedicated to on-going research and development, the DS Group is committed to innovation and continuous product improvements. As a result, DraftSeal is a leader and household name throughout the window and door hardware industry.

DraftSeal stands for quality, durability and innovation – products that meet or exceed the exacting standards of certification and testing agencies. And with the breadth and depth of our product line-up, including weather stripping commercial door hardware, customers often make us their "one-stop shop" for all their door and window needs.

New Thermally Broken Sills
Offering a wide range of low rise half thresholds and typical thresholds thermally broken, sills from DraftSeal feature extruded aluminum mill finish and meet the demanding requirements for accessibility and fire resistance. Thermally broken sills prevent condensation from forming on the inside of a home or building by limiting the transfer of exterior hot or cold temperatures.

DS1 Storm-Sill System
Introduced in 2013 to meet the latest requirements of the Canadian Building Code, the DS1 Storm-Sill System features several important innovations. Tested against air and water infiltration, as well as structural integrity, DS1 Storm-Sill System features an innovative water-return system as well as a TPV continuous cornering weather seal. And by eliminating the use of wood in the substrate, the DS1 is environmentally friendly. The DS1 Storm-Sill System testing was performed in accordance with AAMA / WDMA / CSA 101 / I.S. 2A440-11, and is NASF Compliant.

Commercial Thresholds
DraftSeal is your one-stop shop for a wide variety of thresholds suitable for many commercial building applications. DraftSeal offers a wide selection of thresholds that meet the latest requirements for accessibility and fire resistance, as well as thermally broken thresholds. Thresholds come in a variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel and oak.

DraftSeal commercial thresholds include: Typical, Speciality; Heavy Duty; Stop Strip; Bumper; Floor Transition; Half; Low-Rise Half; Heavy-Duty Half; Latching-Panic Exit; Flat; Low Rise; and Extra Wide Heavy Duty.

Commercial Door Weatherseals
DraftSeal's complete line-up of Commercial Door Weatherseals helps ensure exterior doors' top, bottom and sides are well-sealed with the door frame, eliminating air and water infiltration.

Our line-up of Commercial Door Weatherseals includes: Automatic Door Bottoms; Door Bottom Sweeps; Door Shoes; Door Top Caps; Rain Drips; Door Bottom Sweeps; Door Weatherssealing, Adjustable-Jamb Sound Seals; Adhesive-Backed Gasket Seals; Adhesive-Backed Jamb Seals; Weathersealing Kits; Meeting Stiles; and Astragals.

Residential Pre-Hung Door Sills
Our family of Residential Pre-Hung Door Sills employ innovate design, components and materials to eliminate air and water infiltration. Quick and easy to install, DraftSeal's large selection of Residential Pre-Hung Door Sills are designed with customer requirements in mind. Our line-up with Sills includes: Inswing Sills with Fixed Vinyl Top; Barrier Free and Thermally Broken Low Rise Thresholds; Inswing Sills with Water Return; Outswing Door Sills; and Sill Extensions.

Residential Seals, Astragals
Designed to prevent light, moisture, air, sound, smoke and fire from infiltrating the gap under doors, our large family of PVC Door Shoes & Door Sweeps meet a wide range of customer applications. DraftSeal also carries a wide variety of Astragals, including Aluminum Astragals with Locking Feature and Wood & Composite Astragals. In addition, DraftSeal also carries a wide variety of Jamb & Sill Weatherseals (Kerf-Inserted), Corner Seal Pads, DS-C2 Cornering Seal Products and Specialty Jamb, Door & Sash Weatherseals.

Door Louvers & Vision Lites
The 1900-A Louvers Non Vision Adjustable Z-Blades from DraftSeal features a self-locking mechanism and single-sided fastening. We also offer the 800 A1 Louvers Non-Vision Inverted Y- Blade with one-piece construction, single-sided fastening and vandal-proof design. In addition, DraftSeal also offers two models of Vision Lites – one with and one without glass.

DSF1 Accordion Screen
The DSF1 Accordion Screen is the first Integrated Pleated Foldaway Insect Screen System for single or double doors that is built into the inswing pre-hung door unit at the door shop and shipped as a complete assembly to the job site. This product is certified to an applicable standard - NAFS 11 Compliant. The screen virtually disappears into the aluminum or vinyl brickmould - no unsightly after-market sliding screens.

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