?> DS335R - Automatic Door Bottom, Surface Mounted Application
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Automatic Door Bottom, Surface Mounted Application

DS335Cn Extruded aluminum clear anodized with neoprene insert, black
DS335Dn Bronze anodized with neoprene insert, black. Custom order, call for manufacturing time. 36" & 48" only (914mm & 1219mm)

The EZ-Touch door bottom requires only 3 to 5 pounds of pressure to activate the drop bar mechanism. Light gauge materials have allowed us to perfect a door bottom suited for those applications when the pressure to close the door is critical. We’ve included the same proven technology used in all of our other automatic door bottoms. Accessibility requirements remind us of the necessity for everyone to be able to operate doors with ease. Our EZ-Touch door bottom meets that need & still provides an effective seal for any application. End caps furnished standard.

Lengths available: 24" (610mm) special order only, 28” (711mm), 30” (762mm), 32” (813mm), 36” (914mm), 42” (1067mm), 48” (1219mm)